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Leaf shears or also known as branch shears is one type of plantation tool that can be used to cut branches or reduce leaves without damaging the plant. This branch shears are produced from metal material that has been sharpened so it is sharp and easy to use to cut branches that are hard enough.

Leaf scissors are designed with a spring that makes it easy to use so that the scissors will open automatically after being pressed. Leaf scissors or branch shears are equipped with rubber-coated handles so that they are comfortable to use without injuring the palms.

There are many models of branch shears such as tang branch scissors and long branch scissors that can be used to cut leaves and twigs on tall plants.
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PT. Utomo Utomo

Welcome to PT. Utomo Utomo. We are a company that established since 1999 engaged in industrial Fertilizers And Vitamins And Plant Hormones, Biological Organic Fertilizer Sroti Series, Biological Organic Fertilizer Magicgro Series, Organic Waste Decomposers, Chemical Repellent Mosquito Samador, Garden Tools. We were in JL. Sunter Paradise Raya 2 Blok F21 No.C27, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara. Discover the variety of our best products (Pupuk Organik & Hayati, Pengurai Limbah Organik, Perkakas Taman, Mesin Pengolah Lahan, Benih Tanaman, Produk Pest Control) with quality and the best price you can get.

PT. Utomo Utomo

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